LCD TV Repair


When it comes to fixing your LCD TV set, you want only the highly professional technician working on your TV. A non-professional television technician might not have the necessary set of skills LCD TV repair. In an attempt to fix your tv, they might even cause it in the worst condition. This is one thing you won’t have to worry about when it comes to hiring professional TV repair services. At Malik electronics we provide experienced and highly qualified technicians, our LCD TVs service costs are very cheap and also provide 30 days warranty.

Sometimes customers do not want to service the TV they might think of buying a new set of TV so we keep our inspection charge very low. Our technician can fix all kinds of problems faced in LCD TVs.

The most common issues in LCD TVs are as follows:

  • Automatically switching on/off the TV
  • TV screen is blinking randomly
  • TV does not show pictures and play sound only
  • HDMI port issue
  • Backlight errors
  • Software crashing issues
  • Horizontal lines showing without a picture

Malik Electronics is your one-stop solution for all issues associated with LCD TV Repairing. Television can get expensive too if the technician can’t locate the exact problem and find out the correct solution. Avoid all such problems by consulting the best-LCD TV repair technician. At Malik Electronics, we provide quality TV repairing services at an affordable price. Our skilled TV 

Repair technicians can fix problems quickly and easily.

We routinely fix all LCD TV issues like the blur picture, panel check bar, weak or poor contrast in the picture, sparking picture, less and distorted sound, no picture but sound okay, stuck in standby mode or dead, volume up or down not functioning, etc. We can even fix panel damage due to water leaking. Yes, we provide a solution for all.

Confused about whether to fix that old piece of junk that’s been sitting around in a corner of your house? What about that unfixable box that other so-called ‘experts’ couldn’t fix? You bet we can do that. That’s what we do because we are the best-LCD TV repair service centre in Delhi. We focus on customer satisfaction and timely delivery at a fair price. Each of our 2000+ satisfied customers has a story to tell!

Even though LCD TV is all the trend right now, no one can forgo our beloved LCD TV. LCD TVs are not only durable but also give a really good picture quality.

With the coming of a new range of LCD TV, it’s always advisable to get your old LCD TV repaired as LCD TV Repair costs in Delhi have gone down notably, and it never hurts to have a spare LCD TV in the home. So, instead of stepping out of the comfort and safety of your home to find an LCD TV repair service shop near you, you can just sit back, dial Malik Electronics and relax.

Our safe, hygienic, and professional LCD TV repair technicians come to your home, pick up your LCD TV, get it repaired at our properly equipped and technologically advanced TV repair service centre and deliver your LCD TV back safely at your doorway. So, instead of trying to find any LCD TV Repair shop near you, you can just call Malik electronics!



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