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Malik Electronics is a leading LED TV Repair Service in Delhi NCR. Every one of our technicians is well trained and highly experienced, we have a good reputation for delivering quality services to our customers at a competitive price range. No matter what the issues, our expert team can fix any problem with your LG, Samsung, Sony LED TV.

We understand the importance of LED TV in your life that’s why our certified technicians are dedicated and passionate to provide you with the Best TV Repair Services in Delhi NCR. Our experts have enough expertise to fix all types of technical problems in Sony led Tv, Samsung led Tv, mi TVs. As a best-led tv repair in Delhi, we will provide you with quick doorstep services.

At Malik Electronics, we ensure that our technicians use advanced tools and technologies to diagnose the problems. We have been trusted by more than 5000+ clients all over Delhi, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. our expert technicians provide you with top-notch home services. We are proud and confident we to provide the Best Samsung LED TV Repair Services in Delhi NCR.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t lose watching your favorite TV shows, movies or your favorite cricket team wins a match. Book a Sony LED TV Repair Service in Delhi NCR now! We do not provide not only doorstep pickup and delivery services for LG LED TV Repair Services in Delhi NCR, but also we don’t take any service charge from you. We understand how it feels when your old and favorite TV is not working and you miss out on lots of entertainment. That is why we have created a comprehensive and reliable way to book a service package that helps you with all your LCD, LED & Plasma TV Repair Services in Delhi NCR along with easy bookings and cancellations. Our technicians are background verified so that you can give them your TV sets without any trust issues. So, don’t worry, you won’t miss out on any of your entertainment as long as Malik Electronics has your back!



Malik Electronics Services is your one-stop solution for all LED TV repair problems. Television can be expensive if the technician cannot identify the problem and find the proper solution. Avoid all problems by contacting the best qualified TV repair technician. At Malik Electronics, we offer a high-quality TV Repair Services In Delhi NCR at an affordable price. Our experienced TV repair engineers can fix problems quickly and easily.

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Confused if we can fix that old piece of trash that has been lying in the corner of your house for years? What about that unrepentant idiot box that other so-called “experts” couldn’t fix? You bet we can. We do this because we are the Best LCD TV Repair Service Center in DELHI.


We routinely fix all Plasma TV problems such as misleading picture, panel control bar, poor or poor contrast in the picture, bright picture, less distorted sound, no light but sound is fine, stuck in standby or dead mode, volume is not turned up, or down, functionality, etc. We can also repair panel damage caused by water. Yes, we can solve everything.

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Malik Electronics Services repairs and maintains all types of Electronics devices, LED TV, LCD TV, Mixer, Almost all king of home and office electronics appliances. we have 10+ year of experience in filed since then we have fixed 1000+ devices.

We use the latest technology to fully test and test your devices to make sure you get back a fully repaired and tested device. We frequently replace faulty components as well as out-of-tolerance components, so we can guarantee every repair with a full 18-month service warranty. And since we have thousands of parts in stock at the company, we can return your repaired and tested device to you most of the time in just 1 to 5 days.

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